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COVID-19 Update

Posted On: Jun 29th, 2020

Letter from the Director

As you all know, the incidents of Covid-19 infections are rising in many areas around the country.  As we have learned more about this particular coronavirus and how it is transmitted, the CDC guidelines have changed.  The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo has taken many preventative measures to help protect our staff, animals, and guests.  Despite our internal efforts, we recently learned that one of our staff has tested positive for COVID-19.  This employee followed the proper course of action and alerted us immediately upon learning that they had been exposed to a positive test case.  The employee was immediately sent home, their areas of work were deep cleaned/disinfected before other employees utilized the area, and the employee was tested that afternoon.  The employee has remained under quarantine since testing.  (This is particular work area is not an area that the public has access to during a visit to the Zoo.)


We must all stay vigilant in our activities to help keep ourselves safe during these unprecedented times.  At the Zoo, we will continue to take employee temperatures on a daily basis.  We will continue to wear face coverings when in the public spaces or when we cannot properly social distance from co-workers and others.  The staff will remain vigilant in our cleaning practices to ensure that the Zoo remains cleaned and disinfected to the extent possible.  


All of us need to follow the basic CDC guidelines for social distancing and personal hygiene to help curb the spread of this virus.  Please stay safe so that all of us can stay healthy.  Thank you.