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Giving Back

Who We Support

As a non-profit community zoo, we are always in need of philanthropic support, especially in our mission to inspire and educate visitors about animal welfare and wildlife conservation. We also feel it’s our responsibility to give back to our community, and to support those organizations and causes that are aligned with our philosophy.


Conservation is one of our main tenants here at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. We want to inspire guests to engage in conservation efforts in a global and local level. Many of the animals here at the zoo are endangered or vulnerable. These animals need us to help protect them from going extinct. Poaching and deforestation are some of the most common things endangering animals throughout the world. 

Zoos along with many other nonprofit organizations are working hard to help protect these vulnerable animals. By bringing awareness to the threat many animals face, we can help educate the public.


Ways to Help

Donations to zoos and other conservation programs help fuel field research, rehabilitation, and species survival breeding programs. But there are daily things you can do as well.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  

Protect forest from deforestation and keep trash out of oceans.

Be a Conscious Consumer

Buy products that are sustainable and fair trade. Avoid palm oil.

Share with Care

Only share post that show appropriate animal care. Inappropriate and "cute" animal post promote illegal trade and trafficking.


Conservation Fundraising

We have started a new project where we will be focusing our conservation efforts each quarter on a different animal here at the zoo. Starting with our Clouded Leopards. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is fortunate enough to have two clouded leopards, Belle and our newest edition Aurora. These beautiful cats are vulnerable to the threat of poaching and habitat loss. We have created several donation packages. Part of the proceeds from these will then go to the Clouded Leopard Project organization. Check out more about their work at their website.



                    $5                                      $25
                             Sticker                                               Sticker & Mask



                   $50                                      $75
                    Adoption Kit                                        Deluxe Adoption Kit


Our Thanks

We also welcome donations any day of the year and provide a number of ways you can participate. Visit: Support Us or learn about our Philanthropy Program.


Palm Oil Deforestation

Poaching Snare Wires 



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