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Posted On: Apr 01st, 2022


The Research Department at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo Discovers a New Species

The Research Department at the Alabama Gulf Coast has recently determined that an interesting animal found near the beaches of Lower Alabama is, in fact, a new species of rodent.  While related to the well-known beach mouse, this is a whole new species and is much larger than “the mouse.”  Initial investigations of early sightings of a similar species in central Florida showed these are two distinct animals.  Unlike the Florida species, which has rounded, black ears, the local species has rounded ears that are tan tipped with black.  Specimens observed thus far show that the new species is roughly the size of a guinea pig with a long furry tail and colored tan and white with black tips on the ears and tail.  Officials first thought this animal was a large beach mouse and referred to it as “mighty mouse,” but further investigations show that the animal must have been a young specimen.  “We know very little about this species.  It lives inside the dunes; it is very secretive and nocturnal”, one researcher commented.  “We hope to continue to learn more about the species and, by April 1st of next year, be able to provide a more complete story of its natural history.”

... April Fools Day!