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Zoo Camp

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Exploration, Adventures, Education… It’s Zoo Camp at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo!

Cost Per Camper

$225/camper- Regular Registration 

$200/camper- Zoo Member Registration

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New This Year

Register For All 6 Weeks!

$1290/camper- Regular Registration- Use code ALL6 at checkout

$1140/camper- Zoo Member Registration- Use code ALL6MEMBER at checkout

Registration Includes

  • 1-Week Registration for 1 Camper
  • 1 Camp T-Shirt
  • 1 Kona Ice
  • 1 Carousel Ride
  • 1 Giraffe Feeding
  • 1 Contact Barn Hay Cup

Registration Deadline
Friday, May 10, 5pm

Camp Descriptions K-6th

June 10-14- Week 1

What is a Zoo and Who is a Zookeeper

K-1st- Learn how a zoo is different from a pet at home, what kinds of animals live at the zoo, and who takes care of them.

2nd, 3rd, 4th- Campers will learn to identify and classify the kinds of animals that live at the zoo and learn about the job of the zookeeper.

5th-6th- Campers will learn about the history of zoos, discuss the role of the modern zoo, and explore the responsibilities of the zookeeper.


June 17-21- Week 2

Eat or Be Eaten: Zoo Nutrition

K-1st- What do all the animals eat at the zoo, how can you tell who eats what, and how is it prepared?

2nd, 3rd, 4th- What are the differences between omnivore/herbivore/carnivore? How do food chains and food webs work?

5th-6th- Can an animal’s adaptations help you figure out what they eat? Can you figure out omnivore/herbivore/carnivore by seeing the diet of an animal?


June 24-28- Week 3

Animal Superheroes: Adaptations

K-1st- Discover the different skills animals need to survive and compare them to your abilities in the “Animal Olympics!”

2nd, 3rd, 4th- Identify animal abilities and try to immediate them yourself in “Animal Olympics” 

5th-6th- Observe different animal adaptations, compare them to human abilities, then try your skills in the “Animal Olympics!”


July 8-12- Week 4

Habitats vs. Exhibits: Zoo Homes

K-1st- What are the basic needs of living things and how do zookeepers care for the needs of animals at the zoo?

2nd, 3rd, 4th- Compare various exhibits and the differences for different animals. How do the keepers captive animal needs?

5th-6th- Compare the natural habitats of the zoo animals to the exhibits they live in and identify how they are similar or different. 


July 15-19- Week 5

Conservation and Endangered Species

K-1st- Learn how species become endangered as you identify species in the zoo and learn how you can help through conservation.

2nd, 3rd, 4th- Search for the endangered animals at the zoo an discuss how they became endangered. Explore strategies of conservation. 

5th-6th- Learn about endangered, threatened, and extinct, how species are aided by zoos and the importance of conservation. 


July 22-26- Week 6

Design-A-Zoo & Zookeeper Olympics

All Grade Levels- Discuss the elements of a successful zoo by designing your own park, then test your keeper skills in “Zookeeper Olympics.” Do you think you could do the job our keeps do? Try to keep up!

Junior Camp Counselor Volunteers

New this Year! If you have a student in grades 7th-12th interested in participating as a Junior Camp Conselor, conrtact Sonda Stokes, Education Program Manager. 

[email protected]


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