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Exhibits & Attractions

300 Animals | 199 Sub-species | 22 Endangered Species


Come start the adventure and learn about all our different animals. There are tons to explore.

  • The Reptile House filled with gigantic snakes, awesome lizards, iguanas, and tortoises.
  • Animal Adventure exhibits where you can get up close, and learn amazing things about some of our friendliest animals. Did you know that two-toed sloths are an endangered species? Come meet Patron and Agave to find out why.
  • Boodah, our charming American Black Bear.
  • The Contact Barn where even toddlers can feed and pet gentle goats, sheep, donkey, and deer.
  • Dromedary camels Mack & Maggie and over 70 other hoof stock.
  • Over 50 primates living throughout the zoo, including Capuchin, Spider, and Squirrel monkeys, and Abby and Pebbles, our Hamadryas baboons.
  • Educational stage shows featuring our most popular animal stars Norman the Eurasian Eagle-owl; Bruce Quillis, African crested porcupine; Quill Nye, prehensile porcupine; Lucy, three-banded armadillo; or Kevin Bacon, miniature pig. 
  • Chuckie the American alligator, the zoo’s mascot and oldest resident.