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Exhibits & Attractions

300 Animals | 199 Sub-species | 22 Endangered Species

Tickets are purchased in our gift shop and you’ll definitely want to plan some extra time shopping, but once you head out onto the covered deck, you’ll see our most distinctive exhibit, front and center. Lemur Island is home to a small colony of Madagascar lemurs, and simply watching their hilarious antics is an enjoyable time. We also have a second island on the other side of the lagoon.

Whether you go left or rightdown the deck ramp, follow the zoo’s pathways to discover:

  • The Reptile House filled with gigantic snakes, awesome lizards, iguanas, the coolest chameleon ever, creepy bugs…everything kids love and moms go "ick"...
  • Animal Encounter exhibits where you can get up-close, touch, hold, feed, and learn amazing things about some of our friendliest animals. Did you know that two-toed sloths are an endangered species? Come meet Sylvia, Herbert, Speedy and Sonic to find out why.
  • Our Black leopard Katrina who was a gift from our pal Jack Hanna
  • Our Beloved Bengal tigers Rajah, Rani and Omar are one of the 22 endangered species living here at the zoo. There are only 3,500 of these magnificent big cats left on Planet Earth still living in their natural habitat.
  • Boodah, our charming American Black bear
  • The Petting Zoo where even toddlers can feed and pet gentle goats, sheep, donkeys, and deer
  • Over 200 birds, everything from tropical parrots and macaws to Australian kookaburras and peacocks, housed in The Aviary, in exhibit cages throughout the zoo, and freely roaming the grounds
  • Dromedary camels Mack & Maggie and over 70 other hoof stock
  • Over 50 primates living throughout the zoo, including Capuchin, Spider and Squirrel monkeys, Common marmosets, and Abby and Pebbles, our Hamadryas baboons
  • Educational stage shows featuring our most popular animal stars Norman the Eurasian Eagle owl, Casanova the Eurasian lynx, Terry the Kookaburra and Tutti the Umbrella cockatoo
  • Chuckie the American alligator, the zoo’s mascot and oldest resident