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#GivingTuesday - Help Feed Your Favorite Animal for 1 Week

Posted On: Nov 28th, 2022

On November 29, we celebrate #GivingZooDay, in partnership with Giving Tuesday, a day when the entire country comes together to show support for nonprofits doing essential work. 

This Giving Tuesday, the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo asks for your support in donating to provide your favorite animal with food for one week.

Food is a critical necessity for our animals, just like for you as a person. The Zoo spends over $3,500 each week in providing just food for all of the animals at the zoo. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of our community and donors to help us care for each and every animal, and we appreciate you for choosing to support the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo this Giving Tuesday. 

Every dollar makes a difference!

Click here to donate 

Below are a few examples of what your donations provide: 

$15 - Provides fish for 1 week for Boodah, the Bear

$20 - Feeds Aurora the Clouded Leopard 1 week of her red meat diet

$25 - Feeds 5 sloths for 1 week

$25 - Feeds 3 porcupines for 1 week

$60 - Provides all the necessary fruit to feed 60 animals for 1 week (primates, ostrich, sloth, capybaras, and more)

$70 - Feeds the 4 Alpacas for 1 week

$100 - Provides all the necessary dairy products for all animal diets for 10 weeks

$100 - Feeds all 34 parrots for 1 week

$150 - Feeds all 20 reptiles and 5 alligators for 1 week

$200 - Feeds Rajah, the tiger, his red meat diet for 1 week

$200 - Feeds Jett, Jake, and Luna, the wolves, their red meat diet for 1 week

$300 - Feeds hay to over 275 animals for 1 week, including giraffes, goats, chinchillas, alpacas, rabbits & more

$500 - Feeds Regina, Chadwick, Daniel, and Nandi (African Lions) their red meat diet for 1 week

$500 - Provides all vegetable needs to over 202 animals for 1 week 

Thank you for supporting the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.

If you are not in a position to make a financial contribution, you can still help us reach our goal by sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or creating your own Facebook or Instagram fundraiser for Zoo Foundation, Inc. Click here for instructions on how to do that.