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School Groups

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is the coolest classroom ever!

Zoology, biology, ecology, geology, geography, conservation . . . Where else can teachers bring students of all ages to one unique place, surrounded by over 600 exotic animals, to learn about the amazing variety of life or “bio-diversity” of Planet Earth? We welcome both public and private school groups.

Something magical happens when human beings get up close and personal with creatures they might otherwise never get to meet beyond a computer or TV screen. Curiosity and imagination are given flight here every day and we think those are great educational building blocks.

Our zookeepers provide easy-to-understand science-based information and fun factoids about our zoo animals that will energize kids to keep learning, both inside and outside of the classroom. We hope we can inspire teachers too.

Explore Our Extra-Special Educational Experiences

Animal Encounters

 Our keeper-supervised, education-based Animal Encounters bring wonder and awe to every child, and even more importantly, they light up their minds to discover more about our natural world. No group rate for encounters.

Keeper Talks & Shows

 We are educators, not just animal caretakers. We love teaching school kids about our animals through up-close experiences that will hopefully inspire them to keep learning.

Endangered Species

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is home to 22 Endangered Animal Species. Learn more about the worldwide plight of endangered species and check out our awesome animals representin’ here at the zoo.

Educational Group Rate

We offer a discounted admission rate of $8.00 per person with a minimum of 15 students and chaperones. Teachers and bus drivers get in free and there’s no minimum for daycare groups. Advance reservations are required. Ask about adding an educational program to your visit.

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Tax Exempt Status

If your are a publicly funded school or educational institution, you are exempt from
Alabama State Sales and Use Tax.