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Leave A Legacy

Commemorate, Celebrate, Collaborate

Join the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in its most exciting adventure yet. We can't wait to provide that safe haven our treasured animals so deserve. The completion of a brand new zoo will be a spectacular achievement, but building a zoo from the ground up is an enormous undertaking. We need all hammers on deck! So that means - community participation to help Build Your Zoo! What better way to show your support than by purchasing a commemorative item that becomes a permanent part of the zoo's architecture.

Whether it's to honor or celebrate a loved one, a memorable event, or simply to add your personal name, business or organization to our zoo family of supporters, we offer the following as tax-deductible donations:

Brick Pavers

Build Your Zoo one brick at a time in this very affordable option! Show your support by adding a permanent brick paver to one of the zoo's many pathways. Your personalized inscription can be a celebratory message, a memorial tribute, or recognition of your business or organization as a zoo donor.

  • $150 for 4" x 8"
  • $250 for 8" x 8"

Deck Boards

Join our "walk on the wild side". . . Over 3,000 feet of wood decking and bridge walkways will wind their way through the entire zoo. Your personalized deck board will be seen by millions of zoogoers, year after year. Whether it's to commemorate a loved one, or a way for your business, group or organization to show its support, an engraved board will contribute toward our efforts to Build Your Zoo.

  • $350 per board


To continue the vital bio-diversity of life at our zoo far into the future, a wide variety of tree and shrub species are being planted among our 25 acres. You can help us Build Your Zoo, literally from the ground up, by sponsoring a tree or a shrub planting.

  • $500 per shrub
  • $1,500 per tree


Imagine leaving a commemoration that truly stands the test of time. Our limited-edition legacy stones are one-of-a-kind additions to our rich zoo landscape that can honor your loved one in a very personalized way. Select a placement that has the most meaning, whether it's in our Big Cat Canyon or resting in our African Savannah. Each stone has a permanently mounted plaque with your personalized, engraved tribute message. It’s a rock-solid way to Build Your Zoo!

  • $5,000 per


The New Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is committed in our mission to provide vital wildlife and conservation education to zoogoers of every age. What better way to participate in these efforts than by a sponsorship of an educational bench to help Build Your Zoo. We will custom-design complementary information that meets your business or organization messaging goals, or assist you to craft a personal message that demonstrates your educational support. An engraved plaque recognizes your generous participation in this meaningful and important zoo program.

  • $10,000
    per bench

For more information, please contact:

Development Department

251.968.5732 •
Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo • 1204 Gulf Shores Parkway
Gulf Shores, AL. 36542 • 251-968-5732

Other Ways to Contribute

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is operated by The Zoo Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a board of directors. Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law for the amount exceeding fair market value of any goods or services received. Please consult with your tax advisor.