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Our Animals

118 species, 22 critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, or near threatened species

The inhabitants of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo are a richly diverse and decidedly unique population for a small-town community zoo. Every single animal has a name and a backstory. Some were rescues after being orphaned, abandoned, or abused. Others were unwanted for being too big or difficult to handle by their owners, or too old or sick to matter anymore, yet we always made room and provided a soft spot. And some of our animals were born at the zoo, joined the family as companions, or were gifted to the zoo, knowing that they couldn't live at a better place. No matter their beginnings or their circumstances, they all have a loving and safe home at our little zoo.

Meet Our Animals

Important Roles

While often referred to as ambassadors of the animal kingdom, the role the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo animals play in our community is beyond measure. Every day we witness the awe and delight they bring to visitors who have never seen a lynx up close, taken a stroll with an African crane or touched an endangered lemur. And in every animal encounter, whether it’s at the zoo or when we bring a few to special community events, we see firsthand how infinitely curious and eager people of all ages are to learn more about these fascinating creatures. One of the most important roles of a zookeeper is to educate….to teach compassion for animals and to enlighten the public not just about our zoo animals, but about the treasured and vital role all creatures play in our natural world. They help remind us that the conservation efforts we must continually undertake to protect the Earth's millions of species and their habitats, also happens to include the human species.

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We hope to inspire you to take this journey with us. C’mon out and meet our charming animals, join our fun, kooky family and show your support for all of the world’s amazing creatures!

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