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Wild Heart Animal Adventures - Online Auction Feb 4 - Feb 6

Posted On: Feb 03rd, 2021

Looking for an unforgettable Valentine gift? Chocolates and flowers too ordinary for your someone special?  Or... boycotting the whole Valentine's Day thing and want something adventurous to do with a friend?  Looking for an awesome gift for an upcoming celebration. 

If you answered "yes" to any the previous questions...then we have the perfect gift for you. 
We are offering for auction - 3 - Wild Heart Animal Adventures. Only one of each adventure offered. Auction now live, and will run till 9 pm Saturday, Feb 6. 
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Wild Heart Animal Adventures Offered

Big Cat Adventure (only one avaliable)

African Lion (Nandi)

Bengal Tigers (Rajah and Rani)
Your Big Cat adventure will begin with you, and a guest will help prepare diets for our big cats. Learn what is involved in preparing for diets for the big cats, how much they eat in a day, and the importance of proper nutrition. 
After preparing some yummy treats for our fabulous felines, observe a training session with Nandi, an African lioness. Learn how training is essential and necessary for the animal's welfare and how it fosters a working relationship between animal and keeper.

Your adventure will conclude with a behind-the-scenes meet and greet with fan favorites, Rajah and Rani, sibling adult Bengal tigers, to learn the importance of Big Cat Conservation. Note: no direct contact with Big Cats

  African Animal Adventure 
(only one avaliable)

Giraffe (Akayla and Benjamin)

African Crested Porcupines (Blaze and Ember)

Watusi (Dak and Dalia)

Your adventure begins with a behind the scenes private giraffe encounter with Benjamin and Akayla. Learn what it takes to care for these magnificent creatures, from daily diet to daily husbandry duties. Next, visit Blaze and Ember, our African Crested porcupines, the world's 3rd largest rodent. Keepers will provide a few tasty treats for you to offer our fiery friends while providing exciting animal facts and dispel some long-believed myths. Conclude your adventure with our Watusi, African ungulates (hoof stock), Dak, and Dahlia, as Their keeper will instruct you how to participate in one of Dak's favorite enrichment activities. 

Adventure Duration: approximately 45 minutes

Wild Card Adventure (only one avaliable)

Large Tortoises

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Your Wild Card Adventure will begin with a Magical experience. Slither into our reptile building to meet our yellow anaconda, Magic. A reptile keeper will explain what is required to care for all our reptile residents. Next, you will visit our large tortoises, where you and your guest will offer food and learn fun facts about these Ancient ones. You can even sneak in a scratch or two. Did you know that tortoises have nerve endings in their shells?  They can feel it when their shell is touched, so scratches are welcomed. Conclude your adventure with flight training with Norman, our Eurasian Eagle Owl. First, watch Keepers demonstrate a training session, followed by instructions on how you can participate to receive this large and powerful apex predator.
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Please Note:
Adventures are for up to two participatants * Must be 18 years or older to participate in adventure *
Masks are required to participate in all adventures * Must be redeemed within one year of purchase * Reservation required – minimum seven days in advance.